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This summer I backed a project on Indiegogo. A portable pellet grill. It seems to be popular with RV / camping crowd. With Covid, that seems to be increasingly popular. It also appeals to people who want to try a pellet grill, or are completely new to grilling. It would be good for single people or small spaces.They started out at $131, went $150 when the campaign closed. They sold about 9,000.


It’s kind of a step sister to the Country Traveler smoker.


So, I have run a break-in, roasted a chicken, and reverse seared a steak.. There is a slider that opens to allow you to sear right over the crucible. Next up will be a slo and lo, probably ribs.


There is independent FB user group. There are lots of YouTube reviews.There have been lots of gripes about delivery and other stuff. I learned a lot about crowdfunding.


There are a lot of complaints about auger fires, incorrect wiring , etc. Vocal crowd, but I really can’t say if its a large percentage of users with defects, or operator error. There are a lot of happy backers.



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I bought one of those rascals too and I also went with green. I never used the Asmoke pellets and I haven't had an issue with it. Don't know if the pellets are the source of the auger fires, but I wasn't interested in trying them anyways. I have done about 10 or so cooks on it and it works as advertised. It's on Amazon now for $270. I am happy with the thing for the $150 I spent. 

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1 hour ago, DrunkenMeatFist said:

t's on Amazon now for $270. I am happy with the thing for the $150 I spent. 

Yea, I think there are better choices for $270. But  for camping, or limited space, an option. I ran 1 pound of Asmoke pellets for burn in, no problems. Two cooks with Bear mountain oak. 

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50 minutes ago, Golf Griller said:

@JohnnyAppetizerHave you checked out Armadillo Pepper's YouTube channel. He has done several cooks on the Asmoke. Here is a link to his Asmoke play list.




Thanks, he does have a bunch of Asmoke videos!

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