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Ranch hand bean soup - open pit

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Hearty and warm, a perfect meal to enjoy under the stars. 




Bell peppers

Sweet corn


Smoked Beef sausage 


Spices including ground mustard, oregano,  cilantro,  cummin and chili powder.


Served with cheese and crusty bread.


Cooked in a genuine cowboy bean pot (circa 1875) over an open hardwood fire.














simmered over the fire for many hours, even the kids are looking for more as I type!


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1 hour ago, ckreef said:

Sounds tasty and I love the open fire setup. 



9 minutes ago, adm said:

That looks really tasty. And the open fire and original pot is a nice touch too.


6 minutes ago, KismetKamado said:

Great looking soup and a very appropriate cooking setup to go with it. Awesome entry! 

Thank you!  For me the open pit is one of the most engaging ways to cook with fire.  It's like sitting around a camp fire but with a reward at the end, who doesn't love that?  I've been "planning" a large rotisserie for that pit for many years, maybe soon.


With all the chatter around fancy/complex or exotic dishes I decided to go simple.

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