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Did I Mess Something Up?

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So I smoked a brisket early this AM and forgot to put down a drip pan, so the smoking stone got covered up with the drippings.  Anyway, when the brisket was done, I flipped the stone over and opened the vents all the way to burn the crud off of the stone.   I ended up getting a phone call for work and forgot that I had the Akorn wide open.   When I made it back out there the temp was pegged all the way up.   I shut the vents down but wonder if I ruined any components.   Any thoughts?


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28 minutes ago, len440 said:

Has it cooled enough to open and have a look see?

Things look pretty normal.  The cooking grate looks a bit dull with a little bit of a rust colored tint.  

On the bright side, the smoking stone is super clean and the daisy wheel which has been kind of gummed up and difficult to turn now moves quite freely. 

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I suspect it is ok, give it a good look over.  You need to re-season the grate ASAP or it will rust.  Check the gaskets top and bottom but those are pretty bullet proof.  There is an O ring for the daisy ring that might be shot, forget about it and move forward.  You also may have caused some discoloration on the finish here or there.

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Agree with @philpom on this.  Re-season the grates sooner than later.  The gaskets most likely will survive. And a little grease build up after a few cooks will tighten and seal everything else back up.


i welcomed a new friend who wanted to cook “Iranian BBQ” for us to use my Akorn.  I sat back and enjoyed the company of friends and some drinks and when I looked over he had so much rendered fat burning, I thought my house was on fire.  Temps had spiked on the dome and I dove to close everything off before too much damage was done.  The next morning, I brushed the cast iron off, oiled it well and seasoned it off.  Also cleaned the creosote ash off the inside of the dome and wiped down the exterior.  All was good.



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