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Best pizza to date!


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Dude, that pie looks pretty legit. Generally I shy away from anything but an ultra thin crispy crust,but looking at that pic....I am contemplating sneaking into your kitchen to steal a few slices.

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Yeah thanks its made a bit different than most of you are used to


The dough is a high hydration (more water than usual) and uses bread flour


The dough is really sticky and soupy, once you mix it and let it rise a bit you spread it in a well oiled pan and once its to shape you let it rise in the pan for a few hours.


A nice layer of pepperoni goes on the bottom. The thin sliced stuff.

The juices from the pepperoni soak into the crust while its cooking, making the crust nice and crispy but soft (not too fluffy). Then the cheese goes on (traditional Detroit style uses Wisconsin brick cheese, or you can use a mix of low moisture mozz and young jack cheese. The cheese goes all the way to the edges of the pan, this is critical since it melts between the crust and the pan giving the crust an unbelievable light crunchy cheesy texture Detroit pizza is so famous for


Then you can add toppings like onions pepper etc.


Then the sauce goes on. Thats why its sometimes called Red Top pizza. It's a very simple sauce made with crushed tomatoes sugar and a few spices. Some cook the pizza warm up the sauce then spoon it on top before serving. If prefer to add it before baking. 


Then you finish it with some good pepperoni with the skin on so it cups like you see it in the pic. Baked in the Big Joe III with the heat deflector on the star rack middle position on the D&C rack and the pizza on the grates on the top position running around 475-500F for about 15 mins


Here is another pic of the dough in the pan.


Oh forgot about the pan! Its a special pan made just for this with high sloping sides and is black in color to help it give that crisp crust. You can actually buy these special pans on Amazon. The original pans when this pizza was first created in 1946 were made in old pans from the Detroit auto factories, they held auto parts. Some of these pans are still in use today at the original Buddys pizza, they are prized possessions.


Probably more then you ever wanted to know about Detroit style pizza but there it is lol




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