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Eggs - Devilled and Pickled

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From John's 'how do you hard boil eggs' thread we started to get into deviled eggs...Personally I love 'em.  I ALSO like pickled eggs.  My 'standard' flavors for each variety are:

For 12 HBE (hard boiled eggs) in a quart jar


Bring a cup of vinegar and a cup of water to a boil with:

1 tsp pickling spice

1 tbsp of salt

One peeled garlic clove

A chunk of hot chili pepper (I usually have some small firecracker chili's around here - dried)

A clove or two...or three...how do you feel about cloves?


Allow to cool a bit then pour over your dozen eggs in the jar.  Let them sit for a week and then enjoy!


You may wish to strain the brine before before adding to the eggs or not.  I don't the only down side is that where the cloves touch the eggs they can leave a dark spot on them.  I don't get a 'clove taste' from those eggs but YMMV.


For deviled eggs my favorite or go to recipe is:

Boil the eggs, halve them, put the yolks in a bowl and, this is the sad part when it comes to a recipe, add as much as YOU Like of:


Green onions (white and green part)

Salt and Pepper

Mix to your liking and return the filling to the eggs.  Make a nice little row of lines in the filling on the top with a fork and dust with a bit of paprika.  Why these last two steps?  It makes me think of Mom and her deviled eggs and that's nice!  


We pretty much all know that there are no "Rules" for this but I'm interested to know how you do it.  Tell me what your favorites are and give me some inspiration.  By the way, my favorite cheat is to repurpose pickle juice from the Dills into egg pickling brine.  Add a little vinegar and whatever tastes I'm craving and man, that's a tasty alternative to 'regular' pickled eggs.



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