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St. Louis ribs - easy as 123 method


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1.  Season them with GPR-86

2. Smoke them

3. Eat them


Kinda a joke on my part but I don't find it necessary to go through all the hoops so many people tout.


I hit these with my personal rub, no binder but I did give it time on the board to adhere.  Hickory wood, 220°f for maybe 4 hours.  About 3.5 pounds each.  No glaze or sauce.


Peeled the silver skin and hit them with rub.  Let them sit long enough to look moist.



No pullback from the bone yet but looking good.



Now that is what you want!



Finally ready to plate, served dry with wardolf salad.




A nice bit of pull off of the bone, a great rib eating experience. 

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19 hours ago, CentralTexBBQ said:

Hilarious! I'm so glad this is not another, "Why are my ribs burned" 3-2-1 method threads. They look amazing. I have personally sworn off hickory but respect the rights of others to use it. :-D


Extra points for no sauce!!! :-D

It's pretty funny, don't think I'll ever be posting one of those, "Why did my ribs burn" threads but you never know.  I think most people overcook their ribs and many people cook them too hot.  Myself included when I look back over the years but one day I made some great ribs and took notes.  


I do occasionally glaze for that pretty smooth finish but I prefer dry ribs for sure, I consider them "pure".  :)


My recent go to smoke wood is pecan but I'm out.  I also tend to use what I have on hand, lots of people swear off mesquite but I really like it for big hunks of beef.  I normally use post oak in my offset or open pit because that's what I have plenty of being from Texas.   

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I'm not anti glaze, just anti glaze for the ribs I cook. No sweet and no sauce just because it's so overdone. And surprising even the people who swear by sauce say their the best ribs they've ever tasted. Most of that is because they're only ever tasting sauce. But, I do take it as a challenge.


Pecan is my absilute go to also. It's so... refined... in my opinion and again hickory is what every one uses around me. Have a bit of post oak now. I like post oak also, it's less 'prominent' or in your face than pecan. It's also cleaner, if that makes sense- more of a complimentary note than a star of the show. 


I hear everyone saying they don't like mesquite so I've stayed away. I tried a new BBQ Joint last month and tasted their sausage- you can't get good authentic Texas coarse ground sausage here- it was amazing. Anyway, it was smoked with mesquite and as soon as I smelled and tasted it, I realized that this is the taste of my youth. I absolutely love it.

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Lovely looking ribs - and exactly the same way I do mine. Cook 'em until they are done then eat them. No fannying around with foil or mop sauces. 


Sometimes, I will hit them for the last 30 minutes with a thin coat of whatever BBQ sauce I have made that day to go with them just to get a nice glazed look.

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