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reheating a 3/4 inch prime rib steak.

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I have a 3/4 inch prime rib steak in the freezer.  What is the best way to reheat it and be the same the day it was cooked?  Should I sous vide it?  if I do, do  I need to sear it to get the water and goop off?  Air fryer after thawed?  I'm thinking sous vide. 

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Poor mans Sous Vide. Put it in a zip lock bag, seal it, and then drop it into boiling water for a few minutes. This is the method I use for brisket, pork butt, etc. Works great. Remember the steak only needs to be warm not hot, it has already been cooked, So anywhere in the 100 to 120 range IT is great. No sear needed. 

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Sorry.... I've been absent for awhile, occupied with other things.    My approach is to re-sous vide.   If it's not taken out of the bag (foodsaver), I don't  notice any deterioration in flavor or texture for a significant amount of time.


Note that I've been doing ground beer patties 1/3 lb, putting them in a stack in a nice 3" dia stainless canister with a  lid that seals well.   They are separated by wax paper.   It holds 3 patties.   I sous vide them at 130F, and then give them a light sear.   As I'm single, I only eat one.   The other two are covered in liquid and covered against air by wax paper separators.   I simply reheat in sous vide.  The second and third reheat are not much of a deterioration.    I hated ground beef in the past because you really cannot cook it MR all the way, and if the center is under it doesn't kill the microbes in it.   Microbes grow on the outside of solid meat, but when you grind it, it's all the way through.   Also when pan frying you get shrinkage / moisture and fat loss.  With sous vide and a light sear you end up with almost zero shrinkage.   This makes lean ground beef moist and good, also full fat ground beef.   Sous Vide is the best thing that ever happened for ground beef!!


Note that I built a vertical barbecue that sits on my kitchen counter out of a Buddy propane heater.  It's stripped down completely and plumbed into household propane.   A vertical "pinch grill" for lack of a better word stands on the counter with the steak or burger on edge, a moist paper towel beneath.  This does a fantastic job of indoor grilling!!   It is extremely intense heat, and you can put the steak or burger as close as you want and only brown the surface, or cook it further through by moving it back. There is zero smoke, and almost no cleanup.  Throw away the paper towel, and wipe the counter, drop the wire grill in the sink to soak in dish water for awhile, a light scrub and rinse..... It works very well!



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