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Just some more burgers....


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This might be a bit on an information rich post, so I apologise in advance....


Anyway. For some reason, large sweet onions are difficult to find around here. Regular brown cooking onions, shallots, little baby pickling onions etc, easy as pie but I go months without seeing big sweet onions. But yesterday my local store had some really nice ones for some unknown reason.


So I bought one. An of course, if you have a sweet onion, you really need a good burger to show it off. So I went to the butcher 50 feet down the street and he had some lovely looking short rib. So I bought some of that. Then I finished up with brioche buns, lettuce, tomato and potatoes to make chips.


This morning, the beef came out of the fridge. I took the bones off for the dogs and then chopped it up.






Then I chucked it in the freezer for an hour and then gave it one pass through the mincer using a 1/4" plate




After that, I turned them into burgers. No seasoning, no breadcrumbs, just 100% pure short rib




Finally, I grilled them up on the cast iron half moon. 450F with no heat deflector between the griddle and coals. 4 minutes per side. The crust came out beautifully and the Maillard reaction turned all that lovely fat into flavour.




Finally, assembled and eaten!






Very tasty indeed!




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