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Kamado Joe at Costco


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For those looking for a Kamado Joe, Costco Online has the Classic II for $999 and the Big Joe for $1599 (both with carts). Also, the Big Block charcoal is on sale. So these appear to be roadshow prices. This looks like it runs until Nov. 8th or until sold out.


Just order a Big Joe to replace my Akorn that is starting to rust out.



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Hi Guys, I might have multi posted but I think my question relates to this section more.  We're just cooking for my husband and two younger kids.


Kamado Joe II $999 at Costco.  Kamado Joe 1 $650 at Home Depot.  But I am able to buy a coupon that takes 15% off of that price bringing it down to $552+$20(for coupon) so $572.


Should I just stick to the Classic I?  I don't plan on using it more than maybe twice a month and it'll be stored inside my shed when not in use.


Oh the coupon for Home Depot can be purchased at discountcoupon.com

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42 minutes ago, Olivia AD said:

I just want something that I can cook with reliably.  Besides the air lift feature and maybe some material differences, is there really anything I need on the II model?

The material should all be the same between I and II. Just make sure the Classic I at Home Depot has the new divide and conquer cooking rack and the new 5-part firebox. It should, but it's best to verify.

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