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Secure from the wind


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How do you all secure your grills against wind in the winter months ?


I’m in the uk and usually my normal gas grill gets blown over a few times each winter during storms 


Ive got a new KJ on order and am worried about leaving it outside if the same will happen and smash my grill. 

I also don’t fancy wheeling it inside every time I use it incase of damaging it in transport 


Anyone got any tips out there On how to avoid potential blow overs 

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It gets windy here as well. I use bungee cords to strap down my lighter weight grills. I didn't have any plans to anchor my Big Joes down, considering how crazy heavy they are.


It's not unheard of to get 50 mph gusts here.

They're tucked up under my deck near the house with a decent amount of landscaping and stuff to cut through the wind.


I haven't had one move on its own yet, but I have only had them a few months.

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Hurricane Zeta is bearing down as we speak.  I have a BJ and a Classic in the yard (dirt) with the wheels partially buried.  Not because we wanted to, but because that happens with the amount of rain.  Anyways, I'll ask her if either moved when she wakes up in the morning and let you know.  Knock on wood, neither have moved without human assistance up to this point.

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Well, either a low grade tornado or some very serious straight line winds came through the yard (within about 50 yards of the house).  Our wind meter only measured a peak wind of 47 mph, but it's also now at an acute angle.  A nearby neighbor measured peak wind at 117 mph.  No damage to the house but our banana tree is now at an acute angle and our chicken run is missing it's roof (16x16).  The Joe's did not move.


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