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More Soup: Prawn & Chicken Curry Laksa


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This one took a while. Three days in total, but it was super tasty.


First off, I made up an Asian style chicken stock. Chicken carcass, star anise, ginger, scallions, onion, peppercorns and garlic. This got about 5 hours slowly bubbling away. 





Once that was ready, I strained it through a muslin, fed the chicken parts to the dogs and put the stock in the freezer.


The next day, I made the Laksa paste. This has lots of ginger, onions, garlic, dried and fresh chillies, lemon grass and spices. The brown blocky bits in the photo below are belachan - which is Indonesian fermented shrimp paste. It stinks a bit, but it adds lovely flavour.






That all gets blended up and then fried for about 30 minutes stirring constantly. I did this on the indoor hob as stirring constantly in the rain on my Kamado wasn't part of the plan that day!


You end up with something like this. The cooked paste then needs to go into the fridge for 24+ hours for all the flavours to meld properly.




When that's all done, to make the actual soup I took the stock I had made, plus the paste, plus two cans of coconut milk, palm sugar, tamarind paste, more lemon grass and a load of "Laksa leaves", otherwise known as "hot mint" or "Vietnamese coriander". This is a plant called Persicaria odorata which is a staple in Vietnamese cooking - and apparently in Laksa as well. Who knew? Luckily, I already have it growing in my herb garden.


Let this all simmer for a while on the Kamado




At this point, it was dark outside and raining again. But we are pretty much done now. So inside we go again.


To assemble the dish itself, you need to blanch off some noodles, shrimp, beansprouts, green beans. I also poached a chicken breast and added some fried tofu puffs to my soup broth. Then pour the hot broth over the rest of the ingredients in the bowls and served piping hot. Oh - and add half a soft boiled egg, plus some fresh chilli to taste.



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That looks really delicious!

And here I was thinking the Chicken Chili Verde I made this weekend was a lot of work because I had to grill the chicken and chillies, boil the tomatillos, chop that and some veggies up :)

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