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Crawfish Bisque


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I wanted my last cook for this challenge to be something from where my parents came from and where I spent my last 2 years in college:  Louisiana.  The "Queen" of soups in Louisiana is probably turtle soup, but the king has to be Crawfish Bisque.  Okay, Gumbo in all it's forms is the prince.   I can find frozen crawfish tails easily and in one Wally World they have 3 lb bags of whole frozen whole crawfish.  That's the start of Crawfish Bisque, whole crawfish to use the heads and shells to make stock and the tails to make the finished soup.  I used Tom Fitzmorris' recipe http://www.storm2k.org/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=81430

I left out the traditional step of stuffing and frying some srawfish heads to use as a edible garnish.  As Tom said, they are as much trouble to eat as they are to stuff. 


I started by peeling the crawfish from the 3 lb bag of whole 'dads, reserving the claws.  All of the bodies and the shells went in the pot and the claws went in a heavy ziplock to get crushed up with my meat mallet so more of the claw meat would infuse into the stock.  Using a colander for the first straining and a fine strainer for the second is a good idea.  I did not make as dark a roux as I usually would because I was cooking on the Joe and temperature control was problematic with frequent lid openings to stir the roux to keep it from scorching.  Normally I go for a chocolate color  on the stove, this one was a little darker than what I call a "peanut-butter roux" (referring to the color, not the content).  Everything else was per recipe, whisking roux into stock, giving the frozen tails a buzz in the food processor and adding them in.  I reserved a few of the larger tails from the whole 'dads for garnish along with some green onions and chopped parsley.






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