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Classic III standalon


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Hi all


I’ve built myself a table to fit a Classic II.

But the order of my Kamado got delayed (a lot) because of Corona. And now I’m getting offered to buy a Classic III standalone.

I’m considering the upgrade, but I want to make sure it fits inside the cutout of my counter top. It’s a concrete counter top, so there’s no way to adjust it :-)


I’m not able to find any official dimensions for the Classic III standalone however. So I’m hoping a couple of fellow Kamado Joe fans can confirm whether it will fit.


Please have a look at the attached photo.

The dimensions:

  • A = 69.8cm = 27.48”
  • B = 57.9cm = 22.8”
  • C = 22.5cm = 8.86”
  • D= 14.5cm = 5.71”


Thanks for the help!



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Awesome! I recently got a classic II with the modular table/cart that has the ring on the end for the grill. The ring is a bit wider than the grill is, so the grill can wobble a bit. I want to get something heat-resistant to use as a bumper on the ring to remove that movement.

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