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Tomato White Bean Red Pepper Soup


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Hello Kamado Gurus

I decided to re-make a tomato soup, a variation of one I made last month in a pressure cooking.  This time it was on the kamado.

This was more of wing-it type recipe:

  • ·        About 4 pounds of fresh Roma tomatoes from the farmers market
  • ·        Tomato paste, a can of…
  • ·        A head of garlic cloves,
  • Can of San Marzano tomatoes
  • ·        Olive oil
  • ·        Fresh basil
  • ·        Chicken Base, and Vegetable base.

The tomatoes and garlic were roasted in the oven for about 45-50 minutes.  I started the soup earlier on October.   Given schedule conflicts, I froze the base for a couple weeks.

After starting the base recipe, I changed the recipe mid-stream.  I found another on-line recipe that included a can of white beans, and roasted red peppers, so I adjusted the recipe this past weekend.

The inclusion of the beans made the soup more creamy.  The roasted peppers added depth of flavor.

To finish the tomato soup I added some fresh basil, some fried white beans, and some double fried plantains, with a nice grilled cheese sandwich (with some 18-month prosciutto) on the side. 

Dinner was well received by all….


















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