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Locro de Papa

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Decided to revisit South American flavors for this challenge cook. Came up with Locro de Papa - a South American Potato and Cheese Soup. 

Most of the ingredients are photo’d below. Some cream and milk are missing - as is some garlic. 


Fired up the KK for this cook. Was burning hotter on the left. Used that to my advantage. Sautéd my onion in some olive oil. 



Added diced up potatoes a few minutes later. 



Sautéed those a bit to get them started and then cleared an area in my pan to cook off my Aji Amarillo, garlic, oregano, Chile Flake concoction I made. 



Let that paste fry up a bit and then mixed it in prior to consolidating with the potatoes and onions. 



Added my veggie broth and let it go awhile to get the potatoes cooked.  Scooted my pot over to the right a bit at this point for a more gentle heat since I was cooking direct. 



Then added my green beans. This was an impromptu addition. Realized I had some leftover fresh green beans in the fridge and decided to add them. 



A bit later and I added my corn. And shortly after that my peas. 



Once that came back up to a simmer, I added in my diced Queso Fresco. 



Then again let it come back to a simmer. 



Last step was to add some cream and milk. 


Brought it in to get ready to serve. 



And dished up a big bowl.




This was really good. The Queso fresco didn’t completely melt into the soup, so there were bits of cheese throughout. And the Aji Amarillo gave a nice, warm burn that was pleasant and not too hot.  Definitely a little different from the usual flavors, but extremely good and not too heavy. 

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4 hours ago, In2Fish said:

and I thought I had a late entry...   Great look cook Kismet!


Thanks, @In2Fish!  Somewhat inspired by your South of the Border Challenge awhile back.  


Was glad to see I wasn't the only last minute entry.  I even made myself a little nervous on this one.  Didn't light a grill until about 5 p.m. and then didn't really get excited about getting it settled in and up to temp too quick.  Then realized it was getting late and I better get after it.  :)




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40 minutes ago, Golf Griller said:

Great looking soup. I would like to compare the heat in your soup to the heat in my entry.


The Aji Amarillo is a different heat than I am used too.  Not too sharp and doesn't get you right away or in any one particular spot.  A nice intense overall warmth is the best I can come up with to describe it.  


But I don't think there is anything that can beat a good bowl of green chile....  that's one of my all-time favorites. 

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4 minutes ago, KismetKamado said:

Somewhat inspired by your South of the Border Challenge awhile back.


I was thinking about a Peruvian style soup/stew, but really wanted to keep working on the tomato soup idea. which i'm glad I did.   I thinking thinking about the soup entry i made as a Thanksgiving soup, the only problem is it's hard to find good/fresh romas this late in the year

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