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Project Pastrami


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Hi all - I am presently on day 3 of a 6 day brisket flat wet cure which I plan to smoke next week to make pastrami. I am following Meathead’s recipe from Amazing Ribs and used Dr. Blonder’s curing calculator (all praise); they have not steered me wrong through several batches of bacon.


Just curious if anyone has tips/tricks as this will be my first foray into pastrami. I’ll probably use the offset for this one as I have yet to cook brisket on the kamado. Excited to eat fat sandwiches and watch the Masters next week. Will post pics regardless of outcome.

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Well Voxel I have nothing to offer but encouragement and a bit of envy.  Pastrami or corned beef (similar but different, I know) is on my list...Mmmmmmm.


Keep us updated!


P.s....thanks...Just spent the last 45 minutes reading about pastrami....pickles....lakes....salt...brining...sourdough....sigh....

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Well it's done - cured for 6 days, desalinated overnight, then rubbed and smoked to 160F internal and finished to 203F in the steamer. Tastes as good as it looks alone or on rye with sauerkraut and mustard! Next time I will probably take off a bit more fat. Spicy crust that held up well despite steaming. 



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