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Thanksgiving Turkey Dry Run...what went wrong

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Hello all, looking for some advice here.  Did a dry run for Thanksgiving with a 13.3lb turkey on the KJIII and while it looks great, it was dry.  I cooked it at 375 for a little over 3 hours and let sit for 20 minutes before carving.  I pulled it off the grill with an internal temp of 156 according to the iKamand.  Not sure if I put the probe too deep into the breast, or fi I need to pull it a bit sooner.  The turkey was good, had good flavor, just much too dry.  What can I do differently to have a better result?  Thanks in advance.



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Did you inject it with anything? I injected a truckload (probably about 3 sticks) of unsalted butter into a turkey breast I did a few weeks ago and it was darn near falling apart when it was done. It was the most moist turkey breast I have ever eaten.

I cooked mine at around 350 over heat deflectors and pulled it off when the meat was at 160.

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Have you verified with any other instrument?  Looks awfully brown on the skin for being 156 internally. I don't trust any thermal instrument on it's own.  Partly because I'm not a trusting sorta person and also because I don't trust myself to insert the original probe into the correct spot. Good luck with the final run.:-D

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Didn't inject with anything, but did  put a bunch of butter and seasoning in between the skin and meat before putting it on the grill.  I didn't put any other probe in the bird, I will do that next time to make sure that one isn't reading off.  


Would Brining help with keeping the bird moist during the cook?


Also, I know it probably depends on how big the bird is, but how deep should the temp probe be pushed into the breast?  I'm kind of wondering if the probe was pushed too far into the breast as it was probably about 3.5" into the breast.

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You don't need to wet-brine a turkey - I dry-brine mine and it turns out fantastic and not dry -

First off - anything over 12 pounds will be a challenge - try for a 10-12 pounder.
Dry brine it ( look it up )
Cook at 325 or so for about 1.5 ~ 2.0 hours and double check the probe -

When done crank it up and let the skin crisp up too...

Did this last year and I'll never cook a turkey any other way - wife is building me a Grill-House should
be ready to break it in on Thanksgiving...

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I have exclusively wet brined for years and they're always "moist". I also spatchcock. 

I suggest cooking at a lower temp and brown it at the end, as suggested. 

You don't want to poke too many holes in the bird, but definitely check the temperature at various depths in the same location. 

Remember "carryover"! 

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