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Another Tremendous Warranty Testimony


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Remember how my DoJoe started flaking off and rusting.  It was really bad. Many people said to just

get used to it but I filed a claim anyways. 


WOOHOO....Look what I found on my front porch!!!


I will have to give them credit.  They have gone beyond the call of duty for ALL of my issues!

My dealer is useless but KJ Corp has been too good to me.  Slooooooww but GREAT!


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I'm glad you're happy. But, do you have reason to believe that the replacement won't have the same issues?


I think it's great that they do eventually stand behind their products, but some of these warranty replacements seem kind of unsustainable, unless the profit margins on this stuff are ridiculously high.

Heck, I ended up with 2 complete grills because of the issues I had.

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Yes, I sure hope the replacement will be better.  If you could see what my first one did.  It will be silver after a few more

pizza cooks.  I thought about sandblasting it just so my family wouldn't be eating flakes of paint in their pizza.  LOL

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