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Picked this up. 12" Fiji-Mount.  Have not come across any specific info on it.  Anyone has some clues for me?

Bought it from the original owner who used it once or twice in the 70's and then stored it in a garbage bag in the garage ever since.

Really nice shape, hate to think about actually using it now that it is home and I have had a chance to inspect it much closer.

fiji mount 1.jpg

fiji mount 2.jpg

fiji mount 3.jpg

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Nice find and looks to be in great shape.

I have seen a grill like that "Fuji Mount" twice. First time was in Japan at NAS Atsugi in the late 70's at a squadron mates house. Second time was here in Va Beach years ago at an estste sale and have no info on it.

I have a couple of Kikuya Hibatchi Pots and they are still going strong.

Like I tell most folks pay attention to the band and hinge assembly rivets. They have a bad habit of rusting out and then the dome drops out of the band.

May I ask what is the distance from base lip to cooking grate? Looks pretty significant and am wondering if you might be missing a fire ring. Looks like the cooking grate is resting on the firebox. 

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I did not measure it but it is 2 or 3 inches below the lip.    The grate is resting on a removable ring.  I did take a couple more pictures.  I took one with the ceramic ring resting on its side.  that is what the grate sits on.  Perhaps missing a piece?

fiji mount 4.jpg

fiji mount 5.jpg

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Perfect you got the whole enchilada.

If the kamado has been sitting for quite awhile, i would light 1 to 2 charcoal briquets and place them on the firegrate let them burn with the dome closed a vents open. This would help dry up any moisture you kamado has absorbed during the years it has set idle.

Remember this is a clay/pottery kamado so don't let it get wet/cook in direct rain.

Though not the same model over on the Naked Whiz's site he has some early kamado documentation. I have the original kikuya hibatchi pot documentaion for both my 1977 model I bought new in Japan and a 1964 version I bought used as a project that the gent I bought it from was meticoulous in his record keeping too include sales receipt.

Once again great find and nice piece of history.

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