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Fireboard 2 Pro Update - Coming quite soon - Really!


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I've been coveting and waiting on the arrival of the new "Fireboard 2 Pro", the new controller in Fireboard's model 2 lineup.  As opposed to most other controllers in the marketplace, Fireboard's new model 2 Pro version will natively use heavy duty Type K thermocouples, to allow temperature readings well above and beyond the ability of most existing BBQ controllers.


Though the new model 2 versions were announced earlier in the year, the Pro variant was ultimately postponed to an ominous sounding "Fall 2020" delivery date.  Oh no.  Unfortunately that reminded me so much of the torturous new product delays we're all used to experiencing with computers and other electronics.


But wait!  Unlike so many other delays (particulary this year of the COVID), it seems that Fireboard is actually going to deliver. And on time while it's still Fall 2020.  Unbelieveable.  An attaboy to Ted Conrad and whole Fireboard crew!  That must be what can happen when you move your electronics production line in house.  Hey. Smart thinking!  What a concept!


Anyway, Ted Conrad, the CEO of Fireboard, was interviewed on the Greg Rempe's The BBQ Central Show this past week (on 11/10/2020).  Ted said the new Fireboard 2 Pro model would be available in late November or early December.  He stated that they had placed the last of the PO's to produce the new model a few weeks earlier, and that he expected they'd be ready to ship in late November or early December, for $299.  Awesome!


Here's a link to the Podcast. The Podcast from BBQ Central is here!  The interview with Ted Conrad starts at about 37:30 into the show if you want to hear some more details.  I didn't see anything about the imminent arrival on the Fireboard website.  Hopefully that will change soon.

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I was on the fence as whether to wait for the Pro or just get the regular Drive 2. I opted for the regular unit in the end.


I do like the higher temp capability of the Pro, but I rationalised away my need for it on the basis that the normal unit goes to 300C (572F) and the only thing I cook higher than that is searing steaks or making pizza. For steaks, I use the dome thermometer which is calibrated and pretty accurate at higher temperatures and for pizza I use an infra red thermometer to measure the stone temperature. I'm also not going to be wanting to use the FB as a controller at those temperatures as there is so much airflow that I doubt it would be effective anyway.


But I do really like the fact it uses K-type thermocouples as there are so many different probe options on the market. 

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i'll likely get the Pro when its released - been holding off for a while now - Fireboard, Fan and K-type TC is a great looking solution - i can't wait as i lost my maverick a while ago and have been winging it on the low and slows which has been working well. But i miss the convenience of a temp monitor.

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