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Ambient grill temperature by wifi/bluetooth... is it possible?

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Hello all,


I just spent the last hour wandering around this excellent forum looking for the answer to this question... but no luck. I bought a KJ Classic II two years ago and have been enjoying the journey of figuring it out. This morning I went looking for my TP20 thermometer and found it OUTSIDE behind a flower pot. It is dead. As I look to replace it I realize that I haven't actually put the probe IN the meat in months. I might be brainwashed from reading forums at this point, but i don't really trust the thermometer for slow roasts anymore. It's cooked when it's cooked. And, frankly, for most of the cook, i don't need to know the temp of the meat anyway... (maybe around a stall). I'll be at the bbq, stick the thermapen in, and see when i get there.


So. What I really want is just something that will tell my phone what the grill temperature of the bbq is. I'm probably never going to hook up a fan (never say never) and everyone in the house is trained to adjust the temp if i'm out of the house. I just want to know "hey dave, the grill surface temp is sneaking above 235, someone should get out there and close a vent".


Does such a thing exist, or am I stuck buying a $200 super awesome meat thermometer when all i want to know is the grill temp?





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On 11/17/2020 at 1:23 AM, dave cormier said:

Oo... the Inkbird IBT-4XC is waterproof... which just might make all the difference for me. Thanks @Dogstar

Inkird IBBQ-4T bbq thermoemter is a wifi model with four probes, check: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07XL1P36N
Also, IRF-4S is a waterproof one and with wide range, check: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07KPZK56Z


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If you haven't purchased yet, I bought this about a month ago and have fallen in love. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07XNTJKY4/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

It's an Inkbird, and it connects via Wifi instead of Bluetooth.  The ports where the probes plug in are waterproof.  Not sure if ALL of the Inkbird products are wifi, but to me this is a game changer.  I always have problems keeping the Bluetooth devices connected when they are outside.  But with the wifi, I can literally run to the store and see progress.  If it gets too hot, I can have my wife adjust the vents.  

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Imagine having a Bluetooth or wifi enabled device that replaces your standard temperature gauge in the top of your Kamado.


Battery powered so it can be turned on when you light the charcoal / turn off when cook is finished (no power cables to clutter the deck) and would need a local indicator as it would sit in place of your dial temperature....


Someone please build this!!!

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@Lesta80  I have a simple Weber iGrill2 thermometer that I keep attached to my Akorn 24/7.  The grate probe is attached to the back of the cast grate by it’s clip and gets clean “as necessary”.   I light the BBQ, I turn on the iGrill.  My iPad is on the kitchen counter showing me the graph of the temp as I prep food, drink, entertain or whatever.


The second (or third) probe gets plugged into the meat during prep and then plugged into the iGrill as the meat hits the heat.


Simple, but it works for me.

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Thanks @JeffieBoy - I have an igrill mini now that rarely gets used... Think I will follow your lead!


I was worried that a lot of the probes on the market have limited temperature range and when I crank up the Keg to ‘el Schorcho’ mode for a clean then the probe would get forgotten & damaged.


But I will try out the igrill idea for now as it has a decent temperature range (716 DegF) and it is just sitting in the drawer! 

If it gets damaged, I will drop a few hints to the wife for the new fireboard 2 with thermocouple probes for my birthday! Can leave one of those probes hanging in the grill constantly with no fear of damage (but wouldn’t leave the fireboard controller outside!)


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I wanted to see the dome temperature on my wireless thermoworks smoke. So I took a stainless steel bolt and drilled a hole down through the head till it almost came out the other end of the bolt. I removed the original temperature gauge and installed the bolt, then I slide the temperature probe in the hole. It worked great! Then I was missing the original gauge so I reinstalled it and drilled a new hole in the backside of the dome at the same height as the front gauge. Now I can look at the gauge and watch the temp on my smoke remote. 

By not drilling the hole all the way through the bolt I can remove the thermoworks probe without creating an air leak. The Kamado Joe is easy to drill with a masonry bit (no hammer drill needed), it is very soft material.


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