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Taking Care of Cast Iron Griddles and Grates

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My cast iron grate has gotten very rusty.  I found a big plastic container and soaked in in white vinegar but it

didn't do much good.


I have all my cast iron pans seasoned and am pretty good about maintenance on them.


I have neglected my KJ cast iron.  What do I do now?  How do I season them?  Do I season them?

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I just cook on the cast iron half-moon/griddle pieces I have when appropriate, then give them a good scrape/cleaning when done (and yes, I use hot water, a scrub brush, and soapy water to get them nice an clean) and the back to the grill to get good and hot (residual heat) and then spray them with cooking spray.....seems to work well.  Zero corrosion and good and seasoned.


Grates...I cook on em, scrub them off using a tin foil ball, scraper...whatever I have, then again, heat em up well and spray with cooking spray....I don't use cooking spray on anything I eat (find that disgusting), but works create to protect iron I find...

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