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Greetings from the Great White North....

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Just discovered this site this afternoon....Took possession of my Visions Professional S-Series in August after relocating to a condo.  Now I've been learning how to grill without gas. Had a few issues with temperature control but I'm working through them. Still need to get a charcoal basket I think. But it's been a blast...smoked spatchcocked chickens, whole sockeye salmon, smoked pork loin roasts, pork and beef tenderloins, venison kabobs etc.... Different lump brands, smoking woods...so much to learn....and now under COVID-19 restrictions and cold temperatures headed my way...looking forward to standing out on my balcony wearing my parka, tongs in one hand, a cold beer in the other, watching those little wisps of smoke drift between the snowflakes. It's all good...hope everyone just stays healthy, happy and sane til life returns to normal.

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Welcome to the forum!  


You're going to love using that Vision in the winter.   So much easier than using a gas bbq in a Canadian winter.   

I can't say I enjoy being outside when it's -25 or worse, but some of my best product has come from those temps.  The kamado just stays toasty and that cold dry air burns really nicely.


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