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Kamado Joe Classic II Amazon $839.30

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Yep thats as good as it gets. Wish I would've waited for this... that is an outstanding deal.


Atlanta Grill standalone is the only thing that comes close to that for price I have seen.

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On 11/17/2020 at 3:46 PM, NegativeK said:

I just snapped this up.


But in the couple of hours between when I noticed it and pulled the trigger, the delivery windows were pushed back quite a bit. I guess that's freight for you.

I missed out on that one 


Do you know who the seller is ? 


Hoping that still covered by Warranty 


I'm not sure if there is a grey market that KJ don't recognise


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8 minutes ago, NegativeK said:

The orders page says "Amazon.com Services LLC ", so I'm not super worried.  Hopefully I don't need to be. ;)

 good luck - seller seemed to be Kamado Joe Shop although wondering why they don't have lots of stock 


reading around should be good on the warranty 


although reading up that the Amazon sellers have bad reputation for arriving damaged - hope goes well 


Looking to pull trigger myself can get for $999 with $200 of accessories so not bad

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