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My new Kamado - 1st cook and 1st try at ABT's


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Finally got the KJ II!  I won't bore you with the issues but there were some but I'll be able to make it work!  I've cooked a bit on a Kamado before but this is the first cook on this one and ABT's were up!

Here's the little buggers all cleaned and ready for filling:


The Filling:  Cream cheese, old cheddar and a bit of rub.  The rub started out as Ted Reader's (Thanks Ted) "Bone Dust" but now it's got a bit less cumin, a bit more garlic and I think this batch had a bit of lemon pepper in it.... anyway tasty:


Filled and ready for the grill:


WAIT!  We gotta do the bacon wrap!  Thin sliced salt reduced bacon:


They hit the grill then at about 225 for somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 hours and 15 minutes.  I used cherry wood for the smoke and it was nice.  Smoky but not TOO smoky.  SWMBO even had one and didn't complain about them being overly smokey!!


The finished product.  Pretty darn good if I do say so myself.  The bacon is JUST crispy enough..







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