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Free + Shipping CONUS - Billows Controller Fan (Fan Only)

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Circumstances have found me in a position where I have an extra Billows fan and I would like to offer it to some member of this fine community. I would like to hear from somebody who will make use of this, and already has or imminently plans to purchase a compatible remote thermometer (Signals, Smoke X, ThermaQ 2). This will fit in a USPS Priority Mail medium package, so I ask that you pay the cost of shipping $15.05 via PayPal Friends & Family.


Included in the package:

-Billows fan.

-Fan cable adapter & cable.

-Authentic & original Thermoworks Billows packaging (a box) with a strip of flue tape if needed for your cooker.

-Distinct smell of barbeques past.


NOT included in the package:

-This thingy, this thingy, or this thingy that makes the fan go blow (required).

-Fan plug (not required, I've never had one. Maybe it helps shut down the vent but personally I just always remove the fan and plate after use).

-Mounting kit. Actually, I do have the large plate from the kamado kit I can send along but I do not know what kamados it's compatible with (may or may not be required depending on your cooker, see Q&A at link provided. I can only tell you that the small plate from the kamado kit fits the KJ Classic).

-Deadly viruses (well, no guarantee).

-Product support. Carefully read the Thermoworks pages to determine compatibility and/or any additional parts you'll need.


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