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RIBS - Ooooooh Baby....back that is

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Three days with the New Kamado (with issues...I'ma call it my special project I think....) and three cooks so far.....tonight, ribs!

Got some good back ribs and rubbed them with some seasoning salt, Tellicherry black pepper and granulated garlic. 

Then they hit the Kamado at about 225 for 2.5 hours with some Cherrywood


Meanwhile back in the kitchen.....skillet cornbread.  Very happy with the recipe. I used this one from Cafe Delites: https://cafedelites.com/cornbread-recipe/

And doctored beans....saute some bacon, onions, add a can of beans, some, about a tbsp of mustard and about 2 of ketchup and about 2 of brown sugar and fire that mess in the oven at 350 for an hour or so.

Pulled the ribs sauced with Rufus Teague Honey Sweet.  Sliced and ate them up...


Just a wee smoke ring cut.JPG.87c304cefac5a736de8e09d0d466309e.JPGthere....but man they were GOOD!

Sauced and sliced.JPG

skillet cornbread.JPG

2.5 hrs later.JPG


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They look great! If you move to Australia, your pictures will probably come out just fine.


Just out of interest, what is the little paring knife in the last picture? It looks very much like a hammer finish Damascus one that I have have....

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Thanks...wer'e still talking about them here after a few days so yeah, they were a hit!


That knife is a Paudin I got off Amazon pretty cheap.  It came VERY sharp but I'm having difficulty keeping it sharp.  Time to pay up and get a better one.  It's a replacement for my Wusthof that got sacrificed in my 'learn to sharpen a knife' curve...


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