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Brisket temp

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I'm going to try another brisket on my Big Joe.  The past 2 or 3 have not turned out like I want.  The flat cooks so much faster than the point, and so I'm not sure about when to take it off to let it sit, wrapped in a cooler.  Can anyone give me advice here?  I have a 15 pound Prime sitting in my fridge.  I thought about splitting the point from the flat, and cooking them next to each other, and taking off each one when a desire temp is reached, but I've not done that I'm not sure whether it's a good idea.  

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Splitting is a good idea, even though I've never tried it. 


If the flat gets thin, add a thin foil wrap, to slow cooking. Regular mopping is a good alternative. 


My action points are ~170F for foil wrap and "no more than 205F" as "done." I put in the cooler ASAP to maximize time above 190F.  


I always use a water pan. 


While many meats always turn out great, brisket can be tough (undercooked) or dry (overcooked). My mistakes have come cooking lower than 225-250F - too slow, so it dries by the time it's done. And I've repeated those mistakes over the years...learning must be continuous if it's to keep up with forgetfulness. 



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I try to temp the thickest point, but you can miss, so I backup the remote probe thermometer with an instant-read. Thermoworks products have served me well (ThermoPop, and a pair of Smoke remotes). 

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