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Pre-seasoned Brisket Smoke


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Perusing the meat aisle at a local grocery store (Harris Teeter) I stumbled on a "Texas-style" pre-seasoned brisket under the Morton's of Omaha label. It was 2.64lb and $7.99/lb so a little over $20. Not having seen this before I decided to give it a try even though it was a little pricey per pound. Normally I buy 12 to 15 pound full packer briskets at Costco and season them myself but that is a lot of meat and this looked like an appropriate sized dinner for a family of 3. It was hard to tell but it appeared to be mostly flat with a little bit of point.


I ignored the cooking instructions which basically recommended cooking to 160 degrees internal. Instead I did my usual KJ brisket smoking setup, Fogo charcoal with a few chunks of post oak. I took the meat right out of the package and put it on, keeping grill temps between 300 and 325. After about 4 hours with the meat temperature around 170 there was a little bark set so I wrapped in butcher paper and foil and put it back on. It took a little over an hour to complete. Some parts probed tender, others were a little tough which is generally what I experience with a choice brisket.


The end result was positive. There was not a lot of crunchy bark, likely due to the lack of uniform rub, but it had good flavor and was pretty moist. We ate most of it in one sitting. I definitely still prefer seasoning my own packer but I would go for this again for a single meal, especially if it were on sale.







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Darn.  I never see anything like this in Southern Ontario.  As it’s just the two of us these days, that would be a good solution.  As it stands, I just finished trimming up half of a packer and got it ready to go on my Akorn in the morning.  I bought a 13 pounder, halved it, vacuum sealed both pieces and froze them. Tomorrow’s cook will be with the large end with the point and half of the flat. 

Thanks for the idea.  Will check the Harris Teeter next time we are in Hilton Head.

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On 7/17/2021 at 3:09 PM, Herman Munster said:

And now for the stupid question ? What was your final temp as you said you put it back on at 160 ? for another hour ?  Herman 


I don't recall exactly but it was a bit over 200 internal. I would normally start probing around 190 or so and pull it when tender.

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