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Paul in AZ

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I need some advice on cooking a duck.  There are recipes out there but they seem to be geared towards ovens or smokers and many with some variant of boiling water before cooking.   Any tips or methods for kamado cooking?

The goal is the least complicated method to get nice crispy skin and moist meat.

Also, how much fat gets rendered off during the cook?


If it looks too complicated the alternative is to get a cooked one from a Chinese restaurant.

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Paul... Ahwatukee here... whoo hoo.


I suspect it isn't anything fantastic .. I always 'skip' the 'recipe' on these deals and concentrate on the method, heat, time, desired internal temp. I can create my own 'rubs' etc.... here's a start.






Quack Quack ( had to )

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So I'm doing some ducks this Thanksgiving, but butchering them and doing the legs (Confit) and breasts (smoked on the kamado) separately.


I looked into this a bit, and from what I have read, if you want crispy skin, the trick is to manually create a gap between the skin and the flesh which generates channels for the fat to drip through.  I believe the classic "Peking Duck" technique utilizes a straw inserted in between the breast and skin and then "inflate" the skin to achieve this, but you might be able to carefully use your fingers or a chopstick etc.  Then pouring boiling water over the duck to "tighten" the skin back.


I've also seen techniques listed for steaming the duck briefly for the same reason.


Once you do that, I think I would use a combination of temps to first slowly render out the fat, and then brown the skin.


To address your other question, I would anticipate a lot of fat being rendered out.  I cooked a couple of duck breasts the other day and just from those I ended up with 1/2 cup of fat.  For a whole bird I would estimate more like 1 1/2 -2 cups.


When I do my duck breasts on the kamado this week, I'm going to have a pan to collect the drippings.  Smoked duck fat sounds like a pretty fab ingredient to work with, so I want to save it!


Good luck and please post some follow up so we can see how it went!




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If you steam it ahead of time, some of the fat will render out. Then leave it uncovered in the fridge overnight for the skin to dry out. Put some Kosher salt and pepper on it and cook on the Kamado and you will have wonderful crispy skin. I would personally do it hot and fast rather than slow smoked. Maybe around 450F for 30 minutes (or longer if you didn't steam it first)


Unless of course, what you actually want is smoked duck breast - in which case, low and slow. But no crispy skin.


By the way - this method works excellently for chicken wings as well if you can be bothered.....


A nice orange or cherry sauce would work most excellently with it.


And it will render out quite a lot of fat - so make sure to use a drip tray.


Oh - and @cameronleespencerCameron, duck confit. Fantastic! One of my favourite foods of all time. Enjoy.



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No matter how you prepare a duck, I will always recommend in the strongest terms that you roast some potatoes directly below. Use all those drippings to your advantage!


Secondly, always drain the cavity into your drip pan before removing the bird from the grill. You don't want to slosh hot fat onto yourself or, like I did, into the grill to create a massive fireball.


Here's an old challenge entry:


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