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26lb Spatchcock Turkey Cook Time

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Hi all,


My mother in law is bringing over a friends 26lb Turkey that was freshly killed for our lovely thanksgiving day. Now I just got a KJ Big Joe.  Planning on Spatchcocking the bird (hopefully it fits on the grill).


My question is cool time @325-350.  I have seen that with smaller birds around 12lbs it’s around 80-90min to reach 160. How much does the larger bird effect cooktime? I want to make sure the bird hits the table at the right time.


Thanks all for your advice and experience in advance.

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8 hours ago, altautah said:

Here's the condensed version:

Bringing over a 26lb Turkey.  Just got a KJ Big Joe.  Planning on Spatchcocking.  Hopefully it fits the grill.

That's a monster.  Please take photos and post.  Love to see that big bird in prep and how it fits on the grill.


Click here for what the US Gov't says  The government doesn't cover 26 lb birds, but they get close.

325 degrees is about the right temp for a traditional whole cooked bird without stuffing.  Spatchcocked, at the same temp, might take only half the time.  Regardless, for a tasty, moist bird, cook your bird until you get to the temp you need, and not to an amount of time.


Lot's of good info here and around the internet on smoking a turkey.  Google smoking a Turkey and and you'll find some good info.



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I have spatchcocked a 13 lb turkey for the last several years. It fits on my large big green egg with out too much room to spare, so I am thing a 26 lb bird will fit on your Big Joe. Heck, you can almost play football on that grate, it's so big.  I like a 375 cooking time. The conventional wisdom on turkey cooking times is 20 minutes per pound. My 13 lbr's usually come in  at around 3 hours. A couple of years ago I started sticking my temp probe in the fattest part of the thigh rather than deep in the breast. I like the results. When the probe hits 165 your done.

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We have been doing two Butterball birds at ~22# each for several years. One bird is cooked

unstuffed on a rack in a roasting pan on our large Kamado, indirect at 350 deg. and takes about

4.5 hours or a little over 12 min / pound. The second bird is spatch cocked and cooked on a

Santa Maria style grill, direct heat, tented with foil with the temp determined by the Mississippi

hand count and estimated to be in the 350 - 375 deg. range. It cooks about an hour faster than

the one in the Kamado or about 9.5 to 10 min / pound. Both cooks are monitored for temp.


Interesting that  altautah sees doing spatch cocked 12 # birds for about 7 min / pound at 325 to 350, while

keeperovdeflame is doing a similar size bird at 375 deg for about 14 min / pound. I wonder why the difference - 

indirect vs direct? altitude?  And here I am in the middle of the time range. LOL!


Have a Happy Thanksgiving and hope your cook turns out great!


Found this after posting - Thermoworks info on spatch cocked turkeys.





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hey all! Thanks so much for the advice. It went amazing, but holy crap that thing was so huge I didn’t have enough space on my big joe to fit the spatchcocked 26lb lady. When I did the measurement it was going to be 29in across. Totally nuts. 

I went the tradition route and smoked it for 6hrs. It was nutty delicious! Thanks again everyone for your help. So happy to be part of the community!





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