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Good Grilled Lobster Tail Method/Recipe?

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Looking at surf & turf in the coming weeks.  Does anyone have a solid recipe and method for grilling lobster tails over coal?  I've done other seafood, such as swordfish and crustaceans but not lobster yet and my daughter has been bugging me (she's 5...expensive tastes I guess) for lobster as I'm usually over in Halifax by now and bring some back but not this year...



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I pull the meat from the shell and then lay it back in the shell for the cook. Once cooked those at the table just pick up the shells on their plates tip them and the meat falls out in one lump. I make a garlic, lemon, butter melt and pour it over the meat and into the shell below before plating. Tipping the shell over the lobster meat pours all the melted butter over the meat.  Lobster is not a long cook, in fact, pretty much the only thing you can do to mess it up is over cook it. I use a thermo pen probe and pull em when they hit 120 degs F. Have fun, I am doing surf and turf myself on New Years Eve. 

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Happy 2021 all!  Quick update - did baseball steaks and 'dwell in the shell' lobster last night.  I'd post pictures but the family devoured the tails before I could grab my phone.  This recipe is top marks!  I had to make a few adjustments so I'll highlight what those are for the other newbies who want to try this.

1)I used limes instead of lemons, 2 limes with a proper juice press, plus a bit of pulp, for 6 medium sized tails.  Try to get the juice around the sides of the meat so it sits in the shell

2)I ran out of fridge space so sat these for about 3 hours on a plate in the garage wrapped tight in saran - the citrus was not overpowering so if you need to prep these ahead of time, you can take it out past the 1 hour in the recipe

3)Used a touch of chili & lime spice to complement the citrus instead of chili powder.  I also didn't have a bowl on my grill so I heated butter up ahead of time with a bit of powdered garlic, spice mix and a touch of smoked paprika.  Think less is more here... and was able to baste at the 5 min mark quickly  before closing the lid

4)Ok so not really a quick update... sorry.  :)  I had the lobsters meat side down for the first 5 over coals on lower rack, then I moved them up to top rack on my KJ over indirect and let them sit for another 6 mins (so I did 11 mins total, timed by my smartwatch) - this is because my grill was hovering just over 400F dome temp.  


The 'dwell' recipe will take you from zero to local hero in just 10 mins or so.  Give it a try!  Thank you all and I hope you had a happy NYE.

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