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Anything better than the Grilla Kong for under $1k?

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Looking to get a Kamado primarily for smoking and the 20" - 20.5" grates on the Grilla Kong along with the value seems to be a winner and will fit a modest sized brisket. Is there anything else I should look at? The Kamado Joe Classic II looks nice but is $1100 plus the grates are 2" at least smaller diameter. 


Also do you guys still use lump coal when smoking or go with standard charcoal briquettes? I've read lump coal is better for higher heat but have seen videos of people smoking for lump coal.



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Lump is for Chumps! 


It's all about choice. 

It is generally considered that lump burns hotter and with less ash than briquettes. 

But to each his own! 

Just never ever use match light or lighter fluid in the kamado. It could have long term effects on flavor. 

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