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Chipped deflectors


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Had some burnt on bbq sauce on my deflectors and tried to scrape off with a plastic spatula after a cook (as mentioned on here as the best way )and it it took away some of the deflector plates with it 


Anyone else had this issue? And did it weaken the deflector (pics attached don’t show the divots in the deflector very well but they are about a coins depth) 


I’ve only had them 3 weeks and the pieces came away very easily 


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It's possible that they might be weaker there and lead to a break, but I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.  Also, if it's really only a few weeks old, I would submit a warranty claim.  They're covered for 3 years, I expect that those chips would be enough for them to send you new ones now without needing to wait for them to break completely.  Then you would have a backup set.  They really shouldn't have chipped off like that.  Worst that happens then is they say it's not covered, but worth a shot.


As @Golf Griller and @jtemplesaid I don't scrape mine off at all, just flip the dirty side down for the next cook.  If it's something that would produce a lot of grease/drippings, I use a drip tray or foil just keep it under control.

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