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Placement of the heat deflector?

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Came across this thread on a search and thought it’s close enough to my question that I’d resurrect it.


im trying to get a two zone cooking system on my Char Broil Kamander, which doesn’t inherently have a ‘divide and conquer’ style system. It does have a rack that can hold deflectors at 2 positions underneath the main grill.


My plan is to use a half moon deflector on one side and a half moon grill on the other side to basically get a low direct grill and a higher indirect zone on the main grill. Problem I have is that the half moon grill needs to be 36-38cm diameter and for the life of me they don’t exist in the UK. But there are round 36cm grills.


So my question is - is there a problem with placing a half moon deflector plate onto a cast iron or stainless steel round grill on the lower rack rather than directly onto the rack? I guess I’m worried about cracking if it is on hot iron.

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