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Homemade Bacon - Morton Tender Quick

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Making homemade bacon from pork belly is a lot less difficult than you might imagine.  Making a simple dry cure with Morton Tender Quick or a homemade version of it is quite easy.  If you don't have access to Tender Quick, here's a recipe to make it from scratch:

1 cup (200g) Kosher Salt
1/2 cup  sugar (100g) 
3 1/4 tsp (30g) Pink Curing Salt (Prague Powder #1)

This recipe makes a LOT more than you need but it keeps indefinitely or you can just make a lot less by scaling it down.  

The key to making this process work is knowing how much cure to use.  You need to use 2.5% of the weight of your pork belly.  In my video here, my pork belly slab weighed 1077 grams.  So multiply that by 0.025 to determine that *I* needed 27 grams of my curing mixture (Morton Tender Quick.)

For a typical pork belly, 7 days is enough time to cure it completely.  You can let it go an extra day or two if you wish but don't cut it short.  You can also get as creative as you like with the seasoning and flavoring you choose to introduce to your bacon.  

I chose to cold smoke this bacon in this video.  The cold smoker I used is here:


If you don't want to cold smoke your bacon, you may smoke it at as low a temperature as possible until your bacon reaches an internal temperature of about 145-150°F.


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