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Full Course Challenge= Around-the-World in Seven Courses


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This month's challenge is a culinary trip around the world and is inspired by the previous months' challenges.  The courses include something representing each of the prior months. 


We’re starting off in the (Southern) Middle East


Hors de Oeuvres- Bacon-Wrapped Dates (Nothing Fresh/Nothing Frozen, Anything Goes & Five Ingredients) + Mint Tea
Pre-cooked bacon
Dates (preferably pitted)




Stuff date with pecan, wrap with half slice of bacon; heat in oven or smoke on grill.




From the Middle East we’re going to head west for a little Greek-inspired salad.


Salad- Greek Sweet Potato Salad (Anything Goes)

Courtesy of Delish- https://www.delish.com/cooking/recipe-ideas/a23362341/sweet-potato-salad-recipe/




I didn’t quite double it.




We’re going to cruise from Greece across the Med to Italy for some bruschetta.


Appetizer- Bruschetta (Five Ingredients & Anything Goes)

Loaf of Italian or French Bread









Dice 3-4 Roma tomatoes, 2 scallions and ~1/4 cup basil; marinate in EVOO.  Spread EVOO on bread and grill or toast.  Add topping to grilled bread and garnish with shaved parmesan.




The next stop on the world tour is in Thailand for some spicy Tom Kha Goong, washed down with a sweet and refreshing Thai Iced Tea.

Soup- Tom Kha Goong (Soup & Anything Goes) + Thai Iced Tea
6 cans (~15 oz each) Coconut Milk
~ 1lb Shrimp
~300 g Mushrooms
6-8 Kaffir Lime Leaves
12-15 thin slices Galangal
Lemongrass (6-8 TBSP paste or 6-8 stalks)

3-4 Thai Peppers, thinly sliced (add more if you want extra spice)
3-4 Scallons, diced
5-6 Tomatoes, large dice

6 TBSP Fish Sauce






Heat coconut milk to almost boiling, add vegetables.  I find it easier to add the galangal, lemon grass (if using stalks) and lime leaves in a cheesecloth bag to aid in removal after cooking since they’re tough to chew/eat).  I simmer for at least 30 minutes (or longer if I have the time) to let the flavors come together.  Add shrimp shortly before serving.  Garnish with cilantro and a squeeze of lime.



After the Thai soup we’re off to Europe for some German-inspired wild boar with apples and haricots verts amandine.

Main- Wild Boar with Apples & Haricots Verts Amandine (Anything Goes and Beans)
2 Wild Boar tenderloins, fresh from a local farm

Apple Glaze
8 Apples (I prefer Granny Smith and a tart red- used Sweetango this time)


~ 2 lbs Green beans
~ ½ lb slivered Almonds






The tenderloins were dry brined overnight, with a little cracked pepper added right before grilling.  It was direct heat over the coals (dome temp was ~400), then indirect until ~155F.  Glazed with warm Roasted Garlic and Apple sauce before serving.


The green beans were blanched in salted water for about 10 minutes, then shocked in cold water and drained to dry.  I pan roasted the slivered almonds, then combined all ingredients with ~2 oz unsalted butter until everything is hot and evenly coated.  Add a spritz of lemon juice before serving.


Cut the apples into 8 slices each, peels on.  Toss with butter (~6 oz) and cinnamon (~1 – 1.5 TBSP), bake at ~350 until soft (~20 - 25 mins).




Our journey continues west and we end up back in the USA for a decadent, gooey grilled dessert courtesy of Chef Eric Gephart and All Things BBQ.

Dessert- KJ Cast Iron Chocolate Lava Cake (Bread & Anything Goes)

Courtesy of All Things BBQ- https://www.atbbq.com/thesauce/cast-iron-chocolate-lava-cake/




Finally, just in case anyone had any room left, coffee and a last bite of sweets.

Coffee + Mignardise



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You really knocked it out of the ball park with this cook. The wild boar part really peaked my interest. I live in GA where wild boar is considered an invasive species. No season, no limit, shoot on site. 


Great way to incorporate all the challenges to wrap up this series. 



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