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Have always had trouble trying to keep grill temp at 225 or 250. Usually cooks at 300 to 350. Not a bad thing I suppose. But the “low and slow” cook has never happened. 
anyone else have this issue?

If you have not, what’s the solution?

also, the grill is a Bayou Classic Ceramic Cypress Grill. 

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Added more info about my grill.
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47 minutes ago, Leff953 said:

...anyone else have this issue?

Yes! But in an Akorn, with a loose lower vent. Bayou Classic looks like a very nice Kamado. I upgraded to a Big Joe, and found I could kill the fire by closing only the lower vent - no leaks there! Can you kill the fire without closing the top vent? If so, you just need to be more aggressive with vent settings. If not, I'd talk to Bayou Classic. 


I've found I can maintain 225F at the grate, 250F at the top vent using only the lower vent. The problem is that it doesn't let in enough air to get a smoke ring. I now leave a few millimeters of gap at the bottom and fine tune with the top vent. 


One enabler is to use larger chunks of charcoal. It burns a long time, and a little cooler due to the lower surface area of large pieces. I break down brands like KJ Big Block to fist-size pieces because BB is too big!


HAve fun,



PS smoke roasting at 300F is a great technique, too. 

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