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question on maintaining the temp on the KJ Jr


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Hey everybody,

I recently purchased a Kamado Joe Junior, I love it and has already cooked a few delicious meats and veggies.

I tried for the first time baking a pizza yesterday. I waited for the temp to go up to 600°, and then put the pizza in. The temp then went down to 500 or so, and didn't went up from there, even if bottom and up ventilations were fully open. Is that normal ?

After 7/8 min, the pizza was done and still good, but I was wondering if I'm doing something wrong ?


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Opening the dome and putting food in always results in the temperature dropping a bit and it doesn't always recover fast, usually not as fast as your cook time of 7-8 mins, so you're not doing anything wrong, it's quite normal and if the pizza was cooked ok at 500 degrees F I wouldn't worry about it at all. Having more charcoal and pre heating it for a bit longer may mean it doesn't drop so much

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