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Classic II - Solo Assembly


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My Classic II arrived this morning. Since my S.O. works weekends and I'm not thrilled to about visitors right now (...), I knew I'd be moving it to the back yard and putting it together by myself. Based on my research, that meant I'd need to pull off the air hinge, move the dome and base separately, and reassemble everything -- but I couldn't find any details on the weight of the parts.


So I weighed them myself.


Dome: 40 lbs.

Base: 65 lbs.

Unpacking in my garage and fully assembling everything in the back yard: 1hr, 45min.

My hands, right now: nice and smokey from a first test light and getting the grill to stick to certain temps.


The manual has no information on removing the air hinge, other than saying that you need the included parts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Emfk6PS-nM

was invaluable for showing me how to do that. Unfortunately, the manual also lists the wrong wrenches for adjusting the air hinge -- I used an 8mm, a 10mm, a 14mm, and an 11/16" wrench in the process, though I'd be surprised if the 11/16" nut wasn't actually metric.


Overall, it wasn't difficult or heavy. If you're as impatient as I am, I wouldn't hesitate about getting one if you know you're going to need to assemble it alone.

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I dont necessarily consider myself a "big strong man" however when i found myself in this situation the hardest part for me was getting it out of my car. The trick i learned for getting in into the stand was to take off the kontrol tower, open the ash door, and with the grill latched shut, stick my arm through the top vent, and grip the opening of the lower vent from the inside. I was able to get the grill into the nest this way with some effort, but it wasnt, the ::worst::


i could see how shorter folks with shorter arms would struggle here with this method

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