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Firebox piece missing on my brand new Big Joe


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Hi guys, I just purchased a brand new Kamado Big Joe 2 yesterday. Upon assembly, I noticed one of the firebox wall segments is missing (5 pieces instead of 6). I emailed KJ, but I’ve heard stories of long shipping times... meanwhile it sits unused.


Where I purchased the grill, they are getting rid of the Big Joe’s and will only be selling the classic line from KJ. I bought the last one heavily discounted, so there are no parts they can give me for the Big Joe, and do not want to return it because of the discount. The salesperson suggested taking a wall part from a classic model, but the manager said it probably wouldn’t fit, and I thought the same since the Big Joe, is well, much bigger. 

I saw that the classic however has only 5 panels, and the Big Joe 6. Will a panel coming from a classic KJ work on a Big Joe.? Are the dimensions identical? If so I’m guessing they would give one to me and order the extra one, allowing me to grill this week. 



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That is a really weird quality control issue. Prior to shipping the petals are firmly snugged into form-fitted Styrofoam packing material and then placed inside the grill. It means someone either a) didn't pack a petal or b) removed one petal before the crate left the factory (broken, chipped, whatever). IOW that gap in the styrofoam would / should have been visible. 


You can try to nudge KJ to send a complete firebox; those may be in stock vs. a single petal. But I'm just spitballing... 

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Hi, thanks for your replies. I emailed KJ yesterday after seeing they had the complete firebox in stock. Today I received an invoice for 0$ For the single petal I believe (listed at 24.99$). They also threw in a bag of charcoal for the trouble, which was nice. 

Now just need to wait for it to arrive and read up on interesting recipes :)

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