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Vertical Propane counter top Grill from Buddy Heater NO SMOKE OR SPLATTER

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I've long been a fan of catalytic propane heaters... 100% efficient, humidifying, and no chimney.   Being radiant it is like sitting in front of a fire.   




I recently "built" a vertical grill from a Buddy heater.  I stripped everything off the heater so all that remained was the burner unit, made a suitable counter top stand to place it at the proper elevation (turned sideways), and tapped into household propane lines.... Note that natural gas conversion would be easy... just drill out the orifice a size at a time until it works.   I don't live anywhere near gas... far out in the hills.   I have a gas rated control valve.  

A wire grill that pinches the meat or whatever...I've even toasted english muffins in it.... completes the package.  The grill is modified to stand on the counter top


When I use this I put a damp paper towel on the counter top to catch drips


This is intensely hot, and the way I have it set up, you can move the grill closer or further, in fact so close that a nice sear can be accomplished in less than a minute!!   It is perfect for sous vide cooked meat, or you can move the meat further from the grill and cook raw meat.   Best on a concrete or stone countertop, but I don't have any trouble with scorching on my Formica counter top.


This is the proverbial "cats meow" for winter grilling....particularly for me as I'm single.  I previously did this with an electric element... actually a hot plate... don't tell anybody ;-)


DISCLAIMER..... DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.....    I'm extremely experienced qualified, and capable.  It is dangerous to mess with gas if you don't know what you are doing.  The smartest thing would be to tie this to a propane bottle.  Buddy heaters have a regulator and valve.   It is not necessary to go to the extremes I did.  I removed ALL of the safety devices, the pilot light, the thermocouple, the millivolt control valve, which makes it technically completely unsafe.   You just hold a barbecue lighter in front and turn the gas on.   I did this to facilitate getting the meat closer to the radiant catalytic plaque.   With only me living here, I'm not the slightest bit worried.   In a household with children or ignorant adults you wouldn't dare do this.   It is in total violation of every code known to man...somebody turns the valve on, fills the house with gas, there's a spark somewhere and BOOM.  

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