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Ugh Hummus..... well maybe YUM

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I'm into another fasting season.   I'm at the 6 day mark, currently breaking my fast.   I began last Monday, had one  meal after 2.5 days (listen to your body), and resumed water fasting breaking this AM the following Sunday.   Working to improve my break-fast methods, I decided hummus would be a good thing for the purpose.   I never have had any use for hummus, but I set out to make an EXCITING HUMMUS....Is that possible??   As it turns out it very much is.


Looking through my dry goods pantry, I found some black beans and green lentils.....I also had Garbanzos, Pintos, Whites, and ordinary kidney beans and Lima beans, and a variety of other lentils.


Black beans and green lentils caught my eye and imagination.  I love black beans and lentils are a fantastic source of protein, vitamins and minerals


A small batch... about a cup total of the two.  It went into my electric pressure cooker which I purchased a few months back.... note that I've always used pressure cookers, and the only reason I bought this was convenience and the fact that it included sous vide function (though not great), and had an air fry lid....  About $120 at Walmart (Emerill Legasse).   

Cooked for 25 min, no soaking or anything, I cooled them and put them in the food processor with a bit of sesame oil and some lemon juice.  I added a nice dollop of tahini, and another nice dollop of pesto (from Costco), as well as some of my turmric / chipoltle mix that I use on about everything, and some salt and a crushed garlic clove.


When blended smooth, I put it in a mixing bowl and added around 3T of home made kefir, which is a truly amazing product with powerful microbe culture.  Unlike yogurt you can put kefir grains in raw milk and don't need to process the milk at all or worry about temp regulation.   I mixed all this up and put it in a container and floated a bit of sesame oil over it to seal it from oxygen.  I put a lid on this and put it in the dehydrator at 90F.  I could detect tang developing within about 6 hours, and after a bit under 24 hours it had a lovely sharp tang. 


      It is rich and spicy and tangy.  The pesto lends flavor to it as does the chipoltle and turmeric.   It is all shot though with bubbles like swiss cheese but smaller, and it is so tasty and savory that it is irresistible.   I was fasting when I made this so I tasted and spit......Yes it is possible to maintain that kind of discipline... at least for me.


Note:   I took no measurements at all......... is "dollop" a measurement?   Just shakes and dollops.  I even eyeballed the beans and lentils.    This was probably a mistake I'll regret.  I've invented things in the past and been unable to recreate them.  Next time I will document!!


DISCLAIMER ;-)  DO TRY THIS AT HOME ......If you love savory tangy spicy stuff, you will love this.  I made it for breaking fast or I probably wouldn't have "discovered" hummus.



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