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Anyone have this SS table from BBQGuys?

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Im trying to find out if this cart will work with Vision Pro S. Customer service from BBQguys says "yes" because the dimensions of the Vision Pro S are almost the same as the KJ ll and KJ lll. But they are only comparing the height and width of the different kamados. They dont have the exact meaurements to provide me for the things Im looking for.


I use the starter port on the vision for the flameboss and I cant tell if the front panel on the cart will block the port and not allow me to attach the fan.


ID # 3063589 Model # BBQ-KGC-SS.jpg



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I would be worried about that big box fitting through the hole at all. If it will let me share, here is a pic of a neat design built by a company in the UK that might be a good solution for you. I would want something different than this personally, but the open front idea is pretty good. I am planning to order the correct sized stainless table with casters on Amazon and cut it to fit for my grill. 



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I have seen quite few wood tables that are extremely nice but my outdoor kitchen is made of stone and granite with stainless steel appliances. The wood table just doesn't blend well. Either I have another separate little island constructed and build solely for the kamado or I have to find a stainless steel table.


I believe the table I listed above will fit or come rather close. Might need to do a little modification to the front if it doesn't clear. I just need to get those measurements

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I am looking at something more like this because my outdoor kitchen is all stainless also. I like this one because it has wheels to move it around, but Amazon has tons of option in almost any size you want, and even some with drawers and cabinets. This one is only $200 with free shipping. 


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After some searching I see that Kamado Joe offers this exact tabel. Model # KJ-SST


I guess there are quite a few copies of this table floating around the net. Can anyone find the KJ table online?



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15 hours ago, TrentR said:

i cant spend more money on a table than i spent on my grill. i just cant :)

My wife bought me the Akorn Jr, and I have already spent more on accessories than the grill cost :rofl: But it is all part of the overall experience. My $2500 gas grill has a $40K kitchen built around it, lol. 

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