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New owner of two Kamado Joes!


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Hi Everyone,


I'm new to the Kamado world.  I had been eyeing a Kamado Joe for months when I came across a deal on the Joe Jr.  After the first two cooks on the Jr I was hooked!  The very next week I placed an order with Atlanta Grill Company for the new Classic III.  I'm loving all the available accessories for the Classic!  Shipping was quick and arrived just in time for Thanksgiving so I gave the turkey a spin on the Joetisserie. 


I may or may not have gone a bit overboard with purchasing seasoning, lol.  My latest pick-up is the Fireboard 2 temp controller I ordered on Cyber Monday from AGC.  I'm really looking forward to this weekend's brisket cook.


I'll be lurking around the forum for all the great tips here.


All the best,








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Congrats!!  You didnt go overboard, its all part of the process :)  That Kamado is pretty clean, get to cooking and looking forward to seeing your cooks!!  Swing by the intro section and tell us a bit about yourself.  Welcome aboard!!

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On 12/12/2020 at 10:35 AM, rwolf10 said:

Thanks, everyone! I’ve done two pulled pork picnics and an over under stew this week. Both cooks came out great.

The fireboard 2 drive with the fan is worth it’s weight in gold. It really helps. 





Alright, I'll bite. 

What is all that. It looks terrific! Next level stuff for sure! 

A detailed recipe would be appreciated or point to where answers may be found on the interwebs, please. Thanks! 

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