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Broil King Premium Grate Set


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I'm finding that there is not enough grill space on my 18" Kamado Joe Classic 3 on the odd occassion.  I did consider the Kamado Joe Grill Expander but thought it would be difficult to get at the food underneath once the expander also has food being cooked on.  I'm definitely interested in hearing your opinion/experience if you're using this option.


I did go to a local supplier who had the Broil King Grate Expander set and a Kamado Joe Classic 3 in stock for me to test fit on.  The BK grill does fit but does require a bit of persuading on the top rack of the divide and coquer rack.  It definitely does not fit on the second rack but will fit with lots of patence and persuading.


I also have looked at the Big Green Egg Multi-Rack option because the upper shelf slides back which will allows easy access to the food being cooked on the lower rack.  I'm not sure if the temperature probe on the KJ lid will interfere with the rack.  I have not been able to find a local store which has the BGE multi-rack in stock with the KJ Classic 3 to test on.


I am now exploring the Smokeware Grate Stacker product.  Is similar to the BK but stainless steel.


Thank you in advance and stay safe!


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I have a Broil King Keg, and I do not like the cast iron grate. It is heavy. It has notches that are designed to fit the body of BKK.


One day, it cracked, and I switched to an 18" stainless steel grate. I really like the secondary cooking grate, but I cannot use it anymore, and I really miss it.


I use Kamado Joe Classic II now, and I am considering getting this one. All Things Barbecue Grate Stacker Combo (atbbq.com)


Smokeware Grate Stacker is very similar. They sell only the top grate, I am not sure how to fit it with the divide and conquer grates.

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The ATBBQ rack looks good.


The plan for the Smokeware rack was for me to purchase another 1/2 stainless steel rack used for mounting the Smokeware rack.


I do like the ATBBQ better because of the 18” plus the included clamp which allows the full use of the upper rack without worrying about it tipping when loaded even with nothing on the bottom rack.  The rack kit is a made of stainless steel .....which is another plus.  Only thing is, the lower grate will be difficult to clean.  The 18” half moon grates got nicely in my kitchen sink to clean.


Thank you for the heads up!   Stay safe.



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