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Dojoe (big joe) 16 inch pizzas

Brandon Store

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I want to share a link to a pizza peel I just bought and it fits perfectly inside the big joe dojoe. Like a glove. Its 18 by 18 inches, ive stretched out some really good 16 inch pizzas, and have been able to safely transfer them into the dojoe with just using a good sprinkle of flour on the board. Before i had a 16 inch pizza peel and i still wanted to make 16 inch pizzas but the problem with stretching the dough to the exact size of the peel is you CANT shake the pie loose before going to the oven. And that has been a game changer for me to get that perfect circle from the peel to oven. I stretch out my pie, put it on the peel, build pizza and since i have an extra two inches of real estate on the peel I can shake the pie loose and skate it around a little bit on the peel before going to the oven. Also prior to lighting the kamado, I put my peel in the dojoe with about 2-3 inches to spare from the very back of the pizza stone and marked a line on my handle at the top opening of the dojoe which I use as a guide so I know how far back I am and when to start shaking it off. 

heres the link to what I bought and I think the amazon picture is wrong cause the one I have has a much longer handle. 

Winco 42-Inch Wooden Pizza Peel... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000UBBFUI?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share


Btw buffalo chicken pizza with Sweet Baby Rays Buffalo sauce, Chopped Tyson Buffalo Strips and blue cheese crumbles is just awesome. 



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