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Vision Pro S Warranty experiences


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I bought a used pro vision s from someone local a year ago. Did a few cooks on it,  had an akorn previously and the owner before me mentioned not controlling the Temps well. I did ok controlling the Temps but the fire wouldn't snuff out when all closed up.. So, I hadn't used it often.


Went to finally work on sealing things up and cleaning it out and it looks like the fire bowl has broke quite a bit.  Anyone have experience getting these things replaced? I expect to pay because I'm not the original owner, but any tips to help when contacting vision? I'm in Missouri, which I think is where some of the vision is put together, but I don't think its real close.




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Encourage you both to talk with Vision Customer service. They will most likely tell you " the purpose of a fire box is to hold charcoal, as long as your fire box does that it is working as designed cracked or not" (not an exact quote, but you get the idea). If however it is coming to pieces as in the pic in this post, you (if you are the original owner, and registered with paper work) are probably going to get a replacement. If you  bought it second hand or had it gifted, or you inherited it, your, according to most warranty statements,  on your own dime. However, once you buy a warranty covered part you are the original owner of that part, and should it break your in line for a replacement.  It is good however, to contact them to get a service thread going. My BGE has a cracked fire box, but holds together. I called BGE and they sent me out a replacement. The replacement fire box is still sitting in it's box unopened in my garage. and for about three years I have been cooking on the broken one. Probably will continue to do that for quite some time, as it is holding together well enough for me to remove it for cleaning and replace it afterwards. Be nice when you call, just regular folk working those lines who are not responsible for the product only work for a living at the company, usually. I have found through experience they really appreciate a kind word and a thank you. Not preaching, just an observation. 

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