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Bison Back Ribs

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I've been wanting to try bison on my KJ. I ordered some bison back ribs and some bison short ribs from Nebraska Bison. They arrived last week.



So, now my internet search began for how to cook them.  Most of the information I was able to find indicated that they be smoked low and slow for a couple of hours, and then wrap in foil with vegetable broth to finish them.  This was not what I was looking to do, so I stopped at my local Ace Hardware and talked to them. I showed them the picture above and said that I was thinking of cooking them at 225* for three hours, wrapping and cooking for another hour. They thought that sounded like it might work. What they thought was fat on the ribs was actually the bones.


I thawed one of the racks out and got ready to apply some rub. The instructions also said to remove the membrane on the back. When I looked at it I was reminded of beef back ribs and if I removed it the bones would fall off the meat, so I did not remove it.



I applied Big Green Egg ancho chili coffee rub to both sides of the ribs.



I let them sit in the refrigerator until the grill was up to temp. I put them on at 225* and the temp dropped to 200* and stayed there for the entire cook.



After three hours they were getting some bend, so I wrapped them and added some Chipotle Dark Ale bbq sauce. After an hour I unwrapped them and put them back on to tack up.



After 20 minutes they looked like this and I was ready to eat.



The ribs had a spicy taste due to the rub and the sauce, but they were good. They tasted more like beef back ribs to me.


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8 hours ago, Grill_Boy said:

Well they look good enough, would you do it again?

I would do them again. I have another rack in the freezer, along with two short ribs. I would go easier on the spicy rub and sauce so that I did not mask the bison taste. I had a suggestion to put bacon on top to add some fat to the meat, since bison is a very lean meat.

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