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Cheers and Merry Christmas

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As I sip on a glass of bourbon here in the Man Cave this evening, I am taking a moment to reflect on the crap that has been the year 2020.  This year has been a very challenging year for everyone, including myself.  I have a real job outside of the social media world that puts me in direct contact with Covid-19 for much of my work shift.  The stress level is high.  I watch coworkers fall sick with this disease regularly.  I watch coworkers quit to get away from the disease, being overworked, being short on personal protective equipment, and being under appreciated.  We took pay cuts and reduced hours to make up for knee-jerk reactions by upper management that cut off the revenue streams for the hospital.  We aren't getting our annual performance reviews this year, so no raises.  We didn't get Christmas bonuses.  So next time you hear someone talking about a front-line healthcare worker being a hero, just remember that most of them don't feel like heroes and they certainly haven't been treated like it :)


My personal opinion of my employer has bottomed out this week so I have nowhere to go but up from here.  I got a memo in my email this week that all employees where I work that make less than $15/hr are getting raises to $15/hr.  Starting pay for the job I have is only $17.75/hr.  That job requires college education as well as board certification and maintenance of that certification.  It also requires 24 credit hours of additional education every two years.  Maintaining the board certification costs me several hundred dollars a year of my own money.  But my employer requires it so I have to do it.  I could have $15/hr now for cleaning up spills and emptying garbage cans.  There isn't much responsibility that goes along with that.  But that person gets the same benefits package I get and makes almost as much as someone starting out in my job.  


I love my job and what I do.  I'm just not loving my current employer and the current environment in which I work.  


I am going to keep doing what I do.  My job is critical in providing diagnosis for sick and injured people.  The good that comes from what I do outweighs the bad of who I do it for.  Maybe I can find a place to do my job where I will be happier in 2021.  I have definitely been looking at options.


The good things I have accomplished during 2020 include distancing myself from politics and from social media misinformation.  I have restructured my presence on Facebook so that my presence there is ONLY business.  My friends list there has been reduced strictly to family (most of which are unfollowed) and people with whom I conduct business.  My newsfeed is no longer filled with misinformation, hatred, and stupidity.  I am a lot happier with that.  I loved Facebook when it was young.  Now that it has been weaponized, I have very little love for it.  A good chunk of my income is dependent on social media so I had to find a way to exist there without all the bad crap that is associated with it.   In 2021 I hope to further increase my happiness by figuring out the answers to things that perplex me.  When my need to self quarantine is over and I can spend more hands-on time with friends and family, I am sure that my outlook will improve.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  


Cheers, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!


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John, I want to extend a Cheers to you and wish you a Merry Christmas and a much better New Year.  And I want to thank you for what I will call  "John Setzler's  Christmas News Letter".  Most families use those annual letters to brag but rarely to reflect.  You used yours to reflect on a lousy year and what many would see as a hopeless situation, but you end yours "I can see the light at the end of the tunnel."   I have just been trying to find a way to enjoy life in the tunnel until I can see that glimmer.  I'm hanging in there with you, Bud.  Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas to all. Thank you John for this forum it's been a wealth of knowledge for all of us. I've seen the headaches you had to put up with from us. This year saw the best of people and the worst of people. People working with the Covid can not be thanked enough trying to do their job and putting up with the crap from our elected officials (both parties).

This Christmas if we can't be with family at least call them share good wishes on the phone or social stuff. Hopefully 2021 will be better. Tonight at 10pm I'm  going to have a couple of fingers of Makers Mark and salute you John and all the bbq people here.  Have a very mery Christmas all.

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Yes.  Thanks, Cheers, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all the good people on the KamadoGuru.com forum. And especially to you John for nurturing this forum along.  Know that your dedication here is much appreciated, and you've really provided a tremendous service and resource to all of us Kamado owners. Five stars for you!

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Whilst my choice of liquor will be regionally different from yours, I too will raise a glass to ALL my Kamado Guru friends tonight.  No matter where we live, this wonderful love of good food brings us together and John, you are the glue that binds us. Thanks for that.


As for the Pandemic, my wife retired after 40 years as an RN at our local hospital.  She worked through the mystery of AIDS, SARs, the various bird flus, etc. and is so glad that her final shift was six months before the pandemic was declared.  We have nothing but respect and support of anyone being “forced” to work in a position of exposure. 


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John, I only know you from your grilling stuff here and on YouTube, but you seem like a good guy. That sucks about your job.

I hear you about the social media stuff. I gave up on all social media years ago and had all of my accounts deleted. I truly feel I'm better off for it.


My grandfather always said, "Cheer up; it'll get worse."

There's some truth to that! But seriously, we'll ride this thing out. It'll get better, we'll have a story, and we'll be tougher because of it.

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